Balloon Heart Watercolor - Art Print and Original

This work is an exclusive for Sh*t That I Knit's 2021 Rainbow Collection, a collaboration of 13 fantastic brands whose proceeds will benefit organizations that support LGBTQ families and youth.

The Rainbow Flag: the historic symbol of unity, diversity, allegiance, and pride among the LBGTQ Community (1979-present). Imagined here as a Heart Balloon, and painted down the block from the site of the first Pride Parade in New York City, this watercolor by Sally King McBride is available as both an art print or original painting.

Unframed Print: 7 x 9 in., 2-day turnaround time

Framed Print: 8 x 10 in. including frame, 12-business-day turnaround time

Original Painting (unframed only; 5 available): 7 x 9 in., 2-day turnaround time