Chinoiserie Name & Monogram Print


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According to Daily Mom: “a unique and elegant way to monogram your child’s name!” The Chinoiserie-themed Name and Monogram Print is printed to order on bright white matte paper from original watercolors by Sally King McBride. Letters may be color-corrected at artist's discretion to ensure a harmonious composition; alternative letters may be used where there are duplicates in a name, e.g. “Mimi,” “Noor” or “Kaia.” Extra customization requests are subject to additional charge.
  • You will receive an artist’s proof by email within 1-2 business days.
  • One round of complimentary edits is included in your order; from there, the artist’s hourly rate of $125 applies for one subsequent round of edits.
  • Once approved, please allow 2-3 business days for unframed prints; 2 weeks for framed prints.

Unframed: Width Dimensions begin at 12” and vary by length of the name; Height is 7”. 

Framed: Add 1” to W and H.