About Sally

Hi! I'm Sally,  Founder of The Letter Nest, downtown NYC mom, and watercolor devotee. Before launching my brand, I worked for over ten years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I developed the artistic vocabulary and attention to detail that informs my artwork.

Growing up as a faculty kid at the schools where my mother worked helped to cultivate my deep appreciation for education. By result, my artwork engages each child in learningrecognizing the pattern of A for Alligator, B for Balloon, C for Cherry Blossom, through the artistic connection of letter and image.

The idea for The Letter Nest took hold when my friends and family started to have children. I struggled to find a meaningful baby gift, one they wouldn’t outgrow in a few months. As for letter art, there seemed to be a white space—or as I saw it, a blank canvas—for elevated alphabet art for children. Enter The Letter Nest, a name chosen for its evocation of home, the nest, the nursery. My hope is that my work will bring joy, beauty, and delight to these spaces, as well as to the children who inhabit them!