Company Principles

O DELIGHT: both children and their grown-ups, bringing joy, beauty, and humor to families, and to the spaces they cherish.

O EDUCATE: meeting each child at eye-level—the entry point to their imagination—and instilling an early love for and familiarity with letters.

NVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT: every artwork we put into the world is made-to-order. The Letter Nest carries no inventory, and there's no waste at the end of a season. Artistic excellence is a sustainability measure: the more a client loves our product, the longer it's kept and treasured.

ENTORSHIP: Sally has benefitted from the mentorship of countless women in her career, from her earliest art teachers, to Met Museum curators, to fellow Founders at the Tory Burch Foundation. She commits to paying this forward by meeting with and mentoring those who find themselves in a similar mode of professional growth or pivot—or to those who might be seeking introductions in the art world. Book a call at